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Theme, Concept / Ritual

Relevance to Sinulog, choice of material as to musicality, movement qualities and expressions, clarity of message and interpretation to dance movement.



Precision and coordination, fluency, alignment, balance, focus, projection, rhythmic and spatial interest


Creativity and artistry of steps and formation, style and expression.


Artistic choice of color and style, effective use of props relevant to the interpretation of the theme / concept / ritual.


Effective use of props relevant to the interpretation of the theme/ritual.


Sinulog Musicality
Adherence to the use of the Sinulog drumbeats.





1. The dance entry must depict Filipino culture and tradition.

2. Concept or theme for costume and performance are left to the discretion of the participants based on their own interpretation of what is relevant to Sinulog. Emphasis must be given to the concept of prayer in dance.

3. Dance steps, music, costume, accessories and equipment of the dance should be in the context of the chosen theme or concept.

4. The Sinulog beat must be used all throughout the dance interpretation however, slight variations may be allowed. Any entry who will not use the Sinulog beat shall be disqualified (judges should be strict in implementing this rule because it is the "beat" that differentiates the Sinulog from other Philippine Festival particularly Ati-Atihan and Dinagyang). The beat is the one distinguishing characteristic that should be maintained all through the years or else the Sinulog will lose its identity. A penalty of five (5) points will be deducted from the criteria on musicality for entries who will have more variations than the Sinulog beat.

5. Live musical or percussion accompaniment must be used. Canned / taped music is not allowed.

6. All hand props shall be carried by the dancers all throughout the parade route.

7. Appropriate footwear consistent to the theme / motif shall be used by all the participants.

8. No contingent shall leave props, backdrops, etc. at the back of the stage and premises of the Cebu City Sports Center

9. Ritual presentation at the Cebu City Sports Center stage shall be limited to five (5) minutes only. Three (3) points shall be deducted from the total score against any contingent who violates this provision.

10. Time starts once the dancers move and step on the designated entrance area of the stage likewise the time stops as soon as the first set of dancers step down in the exit area.

11. The use of infants/toddlers (3 years below) and live animals sacrifices are strictly prohibited. A three (3) point deduction from the total score shall be imposed.


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